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Welcome to Budglo Recruiting Group

We are a nationwide recruiting firm specializing in exceptional & dynamic talents, in IT, Healthcare, Leadership Development, Finance & Executive Placement. Our recruiting strategies will strengthen your team for long term profitability & Success.

With our deep understanding of Technical Recruitment & Corporate Executive Roles, we help our clients and candidates achieve their goals efficiently.   

Our Mission, Vision & Core Values 

Our Mission: 


Our mission at Budglo Recruiting Group is to connect talented and motivated jobseekers with great businesses, by opening up opportunities for both. We provide high-quality outsourced employment and human resource services, empowering our customers to focus on their core values.


Our Vision: 


Our vision at Budglo Recruiting Group is to be the preferred source for employment and human resource services in our community and nationwide. We want to create lasting and meaningful relationships with our customers and help them achieve their goals and dreams.


Our Core Values: 


At Budglo Recruiting Group. we uphold the following core values in everything we do:


Trust: We are reliable, honest, and transparent. We deliver on our promises and exceed expectations.

Respect: We treat everyone with dignity, empathy, and kindness. We value diversity and inclusion and celebrate differences.


Integrity: We act with professionalism and ethics. We follow the highest standards of quality and excellence.


Commitment: We are passionate and dedicated. We go the extra mile to find solutions and satisfy our customers.


Generosity: We are friendly and supportive. We give back to our community and share our resources.


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Gloria Olatunji
Chief Executive Officer

Dentist - Dr. O.png

Dr. Anthony Olatunji
Founding Partner



Born as trail blazers, our founders, Dr. Anthony Olatunji (Dentist), and Gloria Olatunji (Leadership Professional), bring combined experience of 40+ years in healthcare, business development, sales, market branding, and leadership development. Both are serial entrepreneurs, they bring and have extensive knowledge and experience in healthcare, technical and professional recruiting, contract negotiations and execution of contracts in government and private sectors.  They have recruited engineers, architects, dentists, healthcare professionals and diverse technical roles worldwide.  They have both spearheaded business models and business developments that have generated millions of dollars combined, for their clients.

Our Recruiting Team


Our Differentiators & Core Competencies

Budglo Recruiting Group is backed by a talented team of recruiters with combined experience of 70+ years in talent acquisition and employment placement. They bring a wealth of industry knowledge and commitment to excellence and unparallel drive for success to all our clients. We provide outsourcing recruiting and leadership development solutions.  We will provide you with high in demand specialized talent in Healthcare, IT, Sales & Marketing, Finance, and Venture Capitalist.  We serve the government sector as well.  Our recruiting team uses innovative technologies to provide our clients and candidates, with the best experience possible. Our relationship driven approach, cutting edge technology, digital platform recruiting tools, and the unrivalled breadth and depth of high-quality learning & development of our recruiting team, will give you constant strategies and tactical support you need to hire and retain committed specialized talent, that will improve your productivity, performance and profitability.

Why choose our services ?

  • We help organizations and job seekers find the right fit in organizations' culture and top talents.

  • We provide high quality candidates that are well qualified for the job.

  • We work with businesses of all sizes, including government.

  • We provide cutting edge and quality staffing solutions.

  • Fully equipped team to tackle a wide variety of hiring challenges with speed and determination.

  • We enrich both businesses and job seekers with specialized hiring solutions across a host of fields

  • We provide Intensive leadership solutions for profitability and success

  • Personalized approach separates us from others.

  • Dedicated to your specific requirements and much more. 

Confident african American male boss work cooperate with diverse team at office briefing,


  • We have a comprehensive vetting process for both our clients and candidates to ensure the perfect match for all involved.

  • We have an effective recruitment process that ensures both our clients and job seekers receive the best fit during the matching process.

  • The positions organizations need to fill with top talents will benefit our hiring companies.

  • The organizational culture will also benefit our job seekers with top comprehensive package.

  • There is no long wait in our hiring process.  We take over the entire hiring process in a fast and simple way through our pool of competitive and highly talented candidates to suit everyone's hiring need perfectly.  

  • This is a Win/Win Situation for both our job seekers and hiring employers.

  • Our job and employer search engines, match qualified candidates with the perfect employers and vice versa.


  • You will experience peace and confidence knowing that you will be best matched with the right candidate and vice versa.

  • At Budglo Recruiting Group, you will say goodbye to mis-matched employers and mis-matched unqualified candidates.

  • We promise to provide you a digital hiring platform that is available 24/7

  • You will always be in the driver's seat by providing you with immediate access to jobs that match your skills

  • You have the option to choose where and how you want to work

  • We are not too small or too big for your hiring needs.

  • Whether you need one person or an entire team, we've got you covered.

  • At Budglo Recruiting Group, we are your faster path to the best qualified talents and best qualified employers.

  • We only represent high quality committed talents with expert skills.


  • As a nationwide recruiting group, we promise to provide you assistance where and when you need it.

  • We will deliver exclusive talents and offer unmatched service levels.

  • We will provide highly qualified and highly talented candidates with exceptional skills that will save your bottom line.

  • Staffing is just one aspect of our services.  We will also guide clients and job seekers through long-term

  • transformations, powered by leadership development to retain highly skilled professionals.

  • We will provide you with talents you need with none of the long wait, and this is vice-versa.

  • At Budglo Recruiting Group, talent scarcity is not an option.  Hire through us.  We have competitive and exclusive connections to in demand professionals. 

  • We offer full spectrum of talent 

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